- first civil western german jetliner – maiden flight in 1964 in Hamburg – forward swept wing -

The Maiden Flight of the HANSA JET was logged on April 21 St, 1964 at Hamburg Finkenwerder. The HANSA, with it’s unusual forward sweeping wings was manufactured by HAMBURGER FLUGZEUGBAU GmbH (HFB) located at to-days AIRBUS factory in Hamburg. For this Business Jet and Commuter Aircraft, the for­ward swept wings (negative sweep) are quite exceptional, just as are nowadays, auxiliary fuel tanks attached to the wing tips. i.e. Tip Tanks.

The HANSA JET was propelled by two G.E. CJ-610 jet engines located either side of the rear fuselage section. This design feature facilitated a cabin area, unusually spacious for this category of aircraft, as the wing main spar only joined the fuselage behind the cabin section. This did not only improve passenger amenities, but the HANSA JET became also a very attractive cargo jet due to it’s large cabin.

The Prototype V1 before its maiden flight on 21. 04 1964 in Hamburg Germany – only 47 planes where built. Passenger capacity: 12 (commuter) / 7 (Businessjet) length: 16,61 m wingspan: 14,49 m height: 4,94 m maximum cruise speed: 825 km/h

Different cabin configurations. Left pic.: seven seater version of the german airforce. Right: maximum number of seats with 12 places

The HANSA JET was also offered to GDF which, after a number of successful tests, placed an order for 16 of the total of 47 aircraft produced. These aircraft were assigned to VIP operations and for training purposes. SN 1025, returned to Hamburg by our society, is one of those 16 aircraft. She will become the only HANSA JET worldwide being admirable in an out-standing operational condition.

Our HFB 320 is the number five serial aircraft. Her company registration is WN 1025. WN (German) is equal to SN (Intern. Standard) and S05 means number five serial production aircraft. Her maiden flight took place in December 1966. Thereafter she was forwarded to GDF, i.e. to GAF flight test center, E 61, at Ingolstadt. Numerous test flights were jointly negotiated with sister aircraft 1024. From these tests the suitability of this aircraft type was ascertained to serve GDF VIP operations. On the basis of these successful test flights GDF subsequently ordered six luxury versions for VIP operation.

Although 1025 has an identical luxury interior decor, she had never been engaged in real VIP-service flight operations like all the rest of the HANSA. Thanks to this, she has logged only 2 000 flight hours and being in an exceptional good condition, the aircraft could be taken over by our society in August 2007. Prior to hand-over she performed 20 years of duty by GDF and finally was put out of commission in 1987.

This period was followed by very quiet years either stored in a hangar or at the Manching Air Force base open display area. In early 2005, take over negotiations with the vendor of another HANSA JET were called off on the basis of excessive demand, this aircraft was chosen as the last possible alternate. A comprehensive check-up, followed by substantial negotiations were success-fully concluded in 2007. In August 2007 dismantling of the HANSA JET was carried out in Manching by members of our society as well as by employees of the local GDF unit. On completion she was transported by road to Hamburg. This HANSA JET was firstly presented to the public during the Hamburg “Airport Days 2007 “.

s04-trischenThe HANSA JET – WN 1024 D-CARO passing Island Trischen in the northern sea. WN 1024 and WN 1025 often where displayed in sales brochures due to their beautiful livery. Both were in service at the GAF flight test center, E 61, at Ingolstadt/Manching later

Manching ZerlegungDecades later our HANSA JET – WN 1025 16+08 in August 2007 while dismantling and preparing for transportation.Within four days the WN 1025 was ready for the transport via truck from Bavaria to Hamburg

And this is how we went from Manching to Hamburg-Fuhlsbuettel EDDH in August 2007 and a second time in January 2010 from Hamburg-Fuhlsbuettel to Hamburg-Finkenwerder EDHI where Airbus is located

Well, and this is her provisional basis – still dismantled, i.e. lack of wings, horizontal stabilizer and engine cowlings. Restoration to operational condition has been initiated however the necessary time frame for completion is not yet determined. This is, where we’ll be keeping you ever advised of the actual Status Quo The society’s concept and purpose is: The charitable society “Ein HANSA JET fuer Hamburg e.V.” was founded in 2004. It’s objective was to acquire a HFB 320 and with it creating a unique share of Hamburgs Industrial Cultural Heritage. To return it to Hamburg and there, to main­ tain it in an airworthy condition.

The idea was born on the occasion of the Airport Classic 2003 when the owner of WN 1043 on display indicated he was about to part with that aircraft. However, those very time consuming and sometimes wearing negotiations broke down due to forming a price was pretty variably laid on by the vendor. Eventually our present-day HANSA JET was looked closely at and was purchased as an alternate. It’s now our objective to take the aircraft back to an airworthy condition and to preserve it as a flying ambassador of Hamburgs Industrial Center.

This forthcoming and very costly project is already attended and sponsored by numerous cooperating partners, which will be evolving this HANSA JET into a flying reference to all contributing enterprises. Our society owned aircraft, as the last operational specimen of the HFB 320, will become a unique promotional item for Hamburg’s Industrial Center. The HANSA will continue to draw the attention of target groups on the one hand, but will be seen by so many as she appears in planned public relations campaigns, on the other.

Public interest in aviation has recently greatly increased in our country. Airbus A380 and Lufthansa Junkers JU 52, as well as a  Lockheed Super Constellation Starliner purchased by LH in December 2007 are focusing well deserved public attention on Hamburg, the worlds third largest aircraft manufacturing site. Not least thanks to it’s exceptional look with it’s forward sweeping wings, this aircraft is very well suited as an image & advertising vehicle of an extraordinary kind. Within the terms of our operating license application for classic aircraft status, members of our society as well as sponsors will in future be entitled to participate in HANSA JET flights. Demonstration flights within the scope of European air shows will be considered on top even associated with the possibility of briefing projects of our sponsors to any high flier audience. The field of education and teaching is another important component of our P R – efforts. From kindergarten to school classes and up to cooperation with universities, our engineers and specialists are ready for Q. & A. with any interest group. They are poised to explain from the basics of aerodynamics to special fields of interest in anything of value in the aviation arena. The promotion of promising young people in a very different way.

The aircrafts relocation to Hamburg Finkenwerder Airbus Area, and her life to come will be occupied with advertising campaigns, product promotions or even for movie making. This will demonstrate the diversity of the idea. From any point of view, this is a project of significance with far reaching consequences. Promotion, Membership and Contacts. Society members are up to now former and on active duty Airbus employees, who previously had dealt with the HFB 320, as well as airline captains, Lufthansa engineers, journalists and aviation enthusiasts. We are now looking for more interested people who would like to become engaged in the salvation of the last HFB 320 to be registered in Europe.

Even beyond the bounds of membership we are keeping in touch with committed experts, e.g. with multiple former HFB, after that MBB, employees supporting us in both word & deed. In order to facilitate this ambitious project we are inviting interested enterprises, individuals, patrons and sponsors to support this endeavor. I.e. preservation of German industrial history, by awarding even financial wings. Our first benefactors have already arrived.

We greatly appreciate the cooperation of the LUFTHANSA BOMBARDIER AVIATION SERVICES in providing maintenance, AIRBUS Industries in Hamburg commitment to provide hangar space and “Hanse Aerospace e.V.” will cover the insurance costs. There are very few aviation projects that offer individuals the possibility to devote attention so closely and directly with such a unique topic as the HFB 320. If interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

To get in touch with us, please e-mail us at: info@hansajet.de In addition Mr Borgmann, Chairman of this society is prepared to hand out detailed information on this project by phone – please dail: ++ 49 173 900 1633

A complete information system about this project will be availlable soon.

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